Big Foot

Is he real . Or is he fake ?

There is still a huge mystery on if big foot is real , or fake. There have been many people who say that they have seen big foot . But could he have been mistaken for something else? Researchers say that , Arthur was helping his family cut wood, deep in the forest behind his home. As he was driving to the location with his grandfather on a dirt road, Arthur sees a 6-7 foot tall hairy creature standing on the right side of the road directly in front of them, at approximately 75 yards. It appeared to be looking at the truck; then it turned and ran across the road into the woods. It ran hunched over and was covered in black hair. Its arms hung down by its side as it ran. Arthur recalls seeing more hair around the face and could barely make out the eyes and mouth. The hair on the creature was described as being “shaggy.” Excited, Arthur yelled to his grandfather, “Look! Look!” but the grandfather looked to his right and left first, thinking it was in the woods next to them, not directly down the path. By the time the grandfather looked straight ahead, he caught a glimpse of it entering the woods. The grandfather agreed that it was 6-7 foot tall, “hunched over” and it was covered in black hair.

I found Arthur and his grandfather to be very sincere and credible.  The Physical Staticis of an adult big foot are : Height: 6 ft 6 in – 10 ft. tall (2 – 3 m)

Weight: 400 – 1000 lbs (180-450 kgs)

Footprint: 12-22 in (30-56 cm) length, 5 – 11 inches (12 – 28 cm) width at ball, 2 – 8 inches (5 – 20 cm) heel width

Hands: 6 – 8.5 inch (15-22 cm) palm width. Stubby fingers.

Hair: Dark Brown/Reddish. Unkept, matted.

Skin: Black, Brown, Tan

Head: Sagittal Crest

Facial features: Large brow ridge. Flat, black nose. Thin human-like lips.

Eyes: Brown/Red

Odor: Smells like Butch who lives under the bridge.

Interesting Documentations :

In 1765, England was attacked by three “giants” covered in animal fur. The documentation was lost 50 years ago when it was brought to the American ear.

1965: Bigfoot was officially put on the endangered species list in Russia. 1967: Germany and France follow suit.

1897: Bananas, nuts and berries were fed to a captured Bigfoot in Brazil. The Bigfoot ate all the food except the bananas, then escaped.


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