The Most Popular Games on Facebook

Facebook, being the most popular social networking site, is not only a venue for photo viewing and chatting but also a hub for gaming. In fact, numerous Facebook games have gained popularity and with that, gaming became the reason for users to log-in into the site. Facebook games are known to be exciting and fun because players are able to enjoy gaming and at the same time interact with friends. Knowing that Facebook has a great influence to social games, it would be advantageous to learn the most popular games played by Facebook users.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a video game that can be played by gamers both young and old. Money betting is not involved in this game however spending for upgrade is an option. The basic mechanics of the game is to form a pattern of three candies or more candies by swiping the screen. As the game progresses, you can complete patterns such as ‘L’ or ‘T’ using more candies resulting to getting a higher score. By creating candies on a single row, bombs will explode. Candy Crush comes in many levels and as you go higher, more strategies are needed because the game becomes harder and demands more goals and challenges.


FarmVille is a long-playing game that requires players to construct a farmland using vegetable varieties. The objective of the game is to keep on planting seeds until the farmland expands in size. As the game progresses, you get to earn some points and money that allows you to purchase more farm products such as animals and trees. The more plants, animals and trees you have, the more productive and progressive your farmland becomes.

Café World

Café World is a game that requires you, as the player, to become the owner of the café. In this game, you will have to run the café serving customers with different meals they want to order. Your café will consist of a chef and some waiters who will take charge in food preparation and service to customers. Customers must leave the café satisfied and so it is important to have complete stocks of food and beverage. Also you must keep your café attractive so that more customers will come in. By earning plenty of money from your sales, you can improve on every aspect of your business.


Tetris is an old video game that originated from an individual gaming device called the brick game. Due to its popularity and simplicity in format, it became a favorite game to many Facebook users. The mechanics of the game is to form a large rectangular pattern using various shapes of blocks. The main objective of the game is not to let the block reach the top most portion of the screen. Otherwise, this will display a “game over” sign on the screen. As the level ranks up, the game becomes more difficult because of the speedy pace that increases in every level.

These games are not only popular, they too are certainly addictive that players can spend hours and hours of gaming. If you are a Facebook user and you haven’t tried any of these games, they are certainly worth a try. Unfortunately, the game bingo is out of the game list. At any rate there are plenty of websites where bingo games can be enjoyed for free or with real cash.

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