Why Are You Using Fossil Fuels? Use Renewable Resources!

STOP using  fossil fuels! More than half of the electricity we use comes from fossil fuels! If we keep doing this, the fossil fuels we depend on so much WILL RUN OUT!!

Renewable Resources:

Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced, unlike fossil fuels. We will never run out of renewable resources. This is why it is smart to use renewable resources. Imagine if you were in your house, and suddenly all of your electricity shut off. Just like that. The scenario you imagined was what would happen if fossil fuels were gone  (exaggerated a bit). If we use renewable resources more, we would basically have unlimited electricity. Here are some things that help us convert renewable resources into electricity.

Solar Panels:

Solar energy can be converted into electricity by using solar panels. The sun's energy is captured by the solar panels and made into electricity using a generator.

Hydroelectric Energy:

Hydroelectric, or water energy, can also be converted into electricity. Usually near a large body of water, there is a dam with a gate. During certain times of the day, the gate is lifted up, water rushes into a turbine, and the energy is changed into electricity using a generator.

Wind Turbines:

Wind energy is made into electricity using a wind turbine. The air turns the propeller, which turns the turbine, which converts the energy into electricity using a generator.

   Start Using Renewable Resources Now!                 You  Can Make A Difference!

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