Jim Thorpe

Michele Tetrault

Jim Thorpe is famous because he played many big league sports. He had Olympic gold medals. But he didn't just have one he had two. He had some accomplishments like, being every good at sports, Olympic gold medals, had a few sons and daughters. One great coach and fellow player of several teams. He was famous from sports because when he was in high school he was playing football and he did track. He did very well in both sports and was the star player for both football and track. Later on he did the Olympics and did pro baseball and football. This is why he is famous.

Jim Thorpe is one great athlete. Jim Thorpe and his twin were born on May 28, 1889, in Sac and Fox Indian Reservation along North Canadian River, in Oklahoma. When he turned 6 they both went to a school. While at school, Jim's twin brother died at age 9. Jim kept ditching classes to see his family that was a couple miles away. So his family sent him to Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas, to keep him from home, since him kept running back home all the time. When his mother died he ran back home even though it was miles away. At 1904 he went Carlisle Indian Industrial School, to where he played college football in years 1907-1912. Then 1909-1910 he played minor league baseball. His biggest achievement was when he won gold medals at the Summer Olympics, 1912 in Sweden. But in 1913 he was stripped of his gold medals when they found out he had played minor league baseball. But after that, throughout 1913-1919 he play Major League Baseball. In 1915-1929 he play Pro Football for the NFL. But during that time he also became a United States citizen at 1917. Jim Thorpe has many achievements, one of them are getting a gold medal at Sweden. Jim died on March 28, 1953.

Jim Thorpe had many brothers and sisters. One of them was his twin brother named Charles. His mother had eleven children. His father was married more than once so he had around fifteen children. Most of Jim's brothers and sisters died before they hit age 12. Jim is 5/8 of Indian, 1/4 Irish, and 1/8 French. Jim's childhood was most likely to be sad. His twin brother died at age 9. Which most of his siblings died at a younger age than that. He did poorly in school at first. But when his mother died he was getting closer to the end of high school. When he went to college his father died in the same year.To just start on his list of sports, his most famous of all sports that he was popular in was baseball, and football. To start off, he played football, baseball, hockey, boxer, track and field player. Football wasn’t as popular as baseball, but his fans watched him play football and it started getting more popular. He used to go off and on each season for football and baseball. He played football and baseball until he was 41 years old.

Jim Thorpe was born in Stroud, Oklahoma, United States.

One primary source is his helmet. His helmet is an important role of primary source because it was one thing he used the most during the football season. He used it a lot during the football season. It relates to him because he played football with his helmet and was a very important role so he wouldn't get hurt.

Jim Thorpe of course had many successes in life but also a lot of challenges in life too. When he was 9 his brother died, when he was high school his mom died, and the year he started college his father died. So many people in his life died when he was little but his twin brother was one of the most important sibling out of all of his siblings. When he won the Olympic gold medals, he had to give them back because they found out he played “pro” baseball and you weren’t allowed to play “pro” baseball when you are training for the Olympic’s. He divorced more than once. But of course he had so many successes in his life. One he was famous for football,baseball, and somewhat of track because he made a new record in his time for track. Two he was part of the Hall of Fame. Three he was part of a few of baseball teams, including Cincinnati Reds, New York Giants, and Milwaukee Brewers. So he was known from a lot of people. But his challenges were not a fast fix it took him a while until he got over these problems. Like his brother’s death and his mother's death were very heartbreaking to him. It interfered into his education to where he missed classes to be home. But over time he got over these problems.

Jim Thorpe has many interesting facts.

*One is that he was one of 14 children. His father was married already twice and had three children. And once he married Jim’s mother he had eleven more. And then once Jim’s mother died he married and raised two more with a further woman.

* Two, less than half of his siblings survived to adulthood.

* Three, when he was 16 he was 5 foot 5 and a half, and 115 pounds.

"They just keep coming. But that's what keeps me going.”-Jim Thorpe

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