Hello, my name is Jiminy Digits. I'm sure you know my brother, Timothy Green. He's kind of a movie star but I'm much cooler. Timothy said you were a big fan of his & we both wanted to wish you a happy birthday but Timothy isn't the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to interweb type things. So I thought I would wish you a happy birthday from both of us!

Timothy vs Jiminy

Now.... I was thinking since you're such a fan of my brother that maybe you have a crush on him or something (probably not, he's a dork) (um.. and he was born in the dirt). Below I've outlined some differences between me & Timothy so you can decide which one is cooler for yourself:

  • Timothy:
  • Jiminy:
  • All-natural & organic, very "Green"
  • Intelligently designed & optimized, very "digital"
  • Born in a garden (very dirty)
  • Born on a super-highway (quite speedy)
  • Eats only veggies
  • Eats large bytes (of data, ha!)
  • Has leaves growing out of legs

  • Has wires growing out of legs
    (good for recharging stuff)
  • Goes away when crops can't grow anymore
  • Disappears in power outages
  • Shoots lasers out of finger tips
  • Requires fertilizers to grow
  • Doesn't smell like poop

Well... Happy Birthday from the both of us!