• Monomers: monosaccarides
  • Elements: C. H. O
  • Function: short term energy storage
  • Types: monosaccarides, disaccarides, polysaccarides
  • Found in : Fruits and Veggtables


  • Monomers: glycerol & 3 fatty acids
  • Elements: C, H, O
  • Function: long term energy storage
  • Found in: fats, oils, waxes, greases


  • monomers: amino acids
  • Elements: C,H,O, N
  • Function: makes and repairs tissues
  • Found in: meats, eggs, peanut butter, dairy products

Nucleic Acid

  • monomers: nucleotides
  • elements : C, H, O, N, P
  • Function: Genetic Code of Life
  • Found in DNA and RNA

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