RICKI'S portfolio

I learned that electronics  cost a lot of money and they are very expensive. I learned  when you want something like a phone you have to remember that your parents have to buy the stuff you need first.   

I choose be a vet. they're are 2 reasons I choose to be a vet.The first reason I choose to be a vet is that I love animals.The reason is that I care for them and I love to snuggle with them.It's the best job ever.

The reason my career effects my house,car,and other expenses is because scene i'm a veterinarian I needed a small house so I could get a big car.Also I only get payed $4030.9 a month.So it works out

If you are wondering if I created a balanced budget, yes I did . How I did it was very simple but all I did was I got the things I needed first then my extras.It was very simple.

the spread sheet changed my perdition of money because I see how much things cost like phones,tablets,clothes and,computers.So now I know how much things cost and why parents get the things we need first instead of toys.

this portfolio prepares me for the future because it tells me what to buy first.also it tells me don't waist money on clothes use your money wisely.