Fuad El-Hibri - Executive Chairman at Emergent BioSolutions Inc.

Fuad El-Hibri holds diverse professional experience in the fields of commercial banking, business consulting, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Currently based in Rockville, Maryland, he serves as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for Emergent BioSolutions Inc. As the company’s founder, he led Emergent BioSolutions in its initial public offering on the NYSE, and continues to have global influence in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Today the company employs 850 professionals with offices in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Fuad El-Hibri also holds the position of Chairman at East West Resources Corporation, a business-consulting firm located in Rockville. Mr. El-Hibri previously served in a number of leading business roles, including Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton in New York City, and Director of Speywood Holdings, Ltd. in London, England.

Throughout the course of his career, Fuad El-Hibri has maintained a commitment to supporting community development and nonprofit organizations. His most recent community service activities include serving as members of the Board of Trustees for the National Health Museum, the Advisory Board for the Yale Healthcare Conference, and the Board of Directors for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Mr. El-Hibri also supports a range of nonprofit organizations through his role as Chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation.

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Yale University Holds 10th Annual Yale Healthcare Conference

An accomplished business leader, Fuad El-Hibri currently serves as the executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company he founded in 1998. In addition to his work with Emergent BioSolutions, Fuad El-Hibri is a member of the Yale Healthcare Conference advisory board.

Recently, Yale University held the 10th Annual Yale Healthcare Conference at the Omni New Haven Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut. The one-day event explored the changing landscape of health care and presented expert speakers who explored a range of topics, including pharmaceuticals, technology, entrepreneurship, and health care finance.

The conference’s keynote addresses were delivered by two innovators in the health care field: Elizabeth H. Bradley of the Yale School of Public Health and Halle Tecco, the founder and CEO of Rock Health. In addition to expert speakers, this year’s event included 14 different breakout sessions and an executive panel discussion on payment and delivery reform in the health care industry.

Embassy Night 2014 at the World Trade Center Institute

In 1998, Fuad El-Hibri established the recognized biopharmaceutical firm Emergent BioSolutions Inc. He continues to serve as executive chairman of the board of directors for the company, which now manages locations across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Throughout his career, Fuad El-Hibri has earned numerous honors for his efforts, including the International Leadership Award from the World Trade Center Institute.

On October 7th, the World Trade Center Institute will host Embassy Night 2014 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. This VIP dinner serves as an opportunity for ambassadors and business leaders around the world to network and share perspectives on world events. The Embassy Night also includes a showcase of global business developments from the year and a variety of breakout sessions and speakers.

The Embassy Night serves to support the mission of the World Trade Center Institute in strengthening connections among the international business community. The institute has assisted more than 18,000 members since its establishment in 1989. For more information, visit www.wtci.org.

The Third Annual Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar

The founder and executive chairman of Rockville, Maryland’s Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Fuad El-Hibri is concurrently involved in a number of philanthropic and community service endeavors. As the active chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, Fuad El-Hibri strives to build a better world through the promotion of humanitarian aid and peace education. The Foundation recently brought together members of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities for the 2013 Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar.

When the time came to choose the day for its third annual Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation (ECF) decided to send a clear message. Its chosen date, July 16, 2013, marked both the eighth day of Ramadan and the Ninth of Av. By specifically scheduling its Interfaith Iftar on a traditional day of Muslim and Jewish fasting, the ECF was able to further stress the key importance of cultural understanding and interfaith dialogue.

The gathering brought religious leaders from all backgrounds together with Washington dignitaries to participate in an evening of discussion and reflection. After sharing a meal, the attendees were treated to a keynote address by His Eminence Theodore Edgar McCarrick, an American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who spoke about the enduring significance of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

One World Youth Project Receives Multi-year Grant

A biopharmaceutical professional with more than two decades of experience, Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and executive chairman of the board for Emergent BioSolutions Inc. As chairman of the El-Hibri Foundation, Fuad El-Hibri works to support the foundation’s mission of peace education.

Recently, the foundation announced that it would make a multi-year anchor grant to continue its support of the One World Youth Project, a program focused on bringing peace education to students.

The program trains students from colleges and universities to present the global competence curriculum to middle school students, enabling the transfer of peace skills from one age group to another. The program is further enhanced by partnering U.S. classrooms with students learning a similar One World Youth Project curriculum abroad.

The El-Hibri Foundation established One World Youth Project in 2012. The goal of the multi-year grant is to see One World Youth Project evolve into an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit that can attract more diverse support for its mission.

El-Hibri Charitable Foundation Opens Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus

Since 2001, philanthropist Fuad El-Hibri has sought to increase interfaith discussion through his organization, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation. The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, which possesses a global scope, aims to enhance religious appreciation around the world.

In 2012, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation joined with the Social Welfare Institutions of Lebanon - Dar al Aytam to establish the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus. The campus is named in memory of Fuad El-Hibri’s father.
Located in Lebanon, the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus is an orphanage and education center for more than 800 orphans and disadvantaged youths. Children visit the facility to obtain medicine, food, clothing, vaccines, and other necessities. The facility also consists of classrooms, dormitories, playgrounds, and an auditorium.

Fuad El-Hibri supported the funding and development of the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus because it aligns with the foundation's mission of promoting the shared values of Islam: peace and social justice.

The Opening of the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus

On May 25, 2012, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation officially announced the opening of the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus. Located in Lebanon, the campus provides basic services for Lebanese at-risk youth, including food, clothing, shelter, and primary healthcare. The son of Ibrahim El-Hibri, Fuad El-Hibri, serves as chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation. According to Fuad El-Hibri, his father had a great love for family and believed in helping less fortunate children, especially orphans. The campus serves as a testament to his legacy and ideals.

The second location dedicated to social development and care within the country, the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus exhibits green architecture and features a variety of educational and housing facilities. More than 300 guests from the private and public sectors attended the facility’s grand opening. Notable attendees included the President of the Civil Service Board, Dr. Khaled Kabbani, and the Minister of Social Affairs, Wael Abou Faour. The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation operates as a nonprofit organization with the goal of promoting peace and social justice through charity and education.

About the Heifetz International Music Institute

Fuad El-Hibri is executive chairman of the board of directors for Emergent BioSolutions of Rockville, Maryland. In addition, Fuad El-Hibri is a former member of the Heifetz International Music Institute’s advisory board.

The Heifetz International Music Institute is a nonprofit organization that promotes the artistic development of young musicians worldwide. The six-week summer program is founded on the idea that music can be used to communicate beyond technical playing. In addition to teaching young musicians the technical aspects of the art, it also helps develop expression, drama, and movement.

A rigorous program, during the six weeks, students will experience five hours of practice per day and two private lessons. Students also take a series of classes covering the areas of expression listed above. Heifetz hopes that the course will leave young musicians with a greater level of confidence and the ability to become more expressive individuals. The program accepts students between the ages of 14 and 25, with the occasional exception.

Opening Welcoming Doors to Orphans in Lebanon

Business and civic leader Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions, a global pharmaceutical supplier for governments and health care providers. In addition to his work at Emergent BioSolutions, Fuad El-Hibri serves as chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on establishing peace and social justice throughout the world.

Basic needs for survival include food, clothing, shelter, and primary healthcare, and these items are scarce for much of the world’s population, particularly children without parents. In the absence of secondary family members, these children face a grim start to their young, fragile lives. The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation works in collaboration with the Social Welfare Institutions of Lebanon – Dar al Aytam to change those conditions for at-risk youth by funding two orphanages and education centers. The Sheikh Mohamad Tawfiq El-Hibri Hall, built in 2002, provides a structured home and education center for more than 1,500 of Lebanon’s at-risk young people. The Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus opened a decade later in 2012 and expands on the original facility’s concept by creating a campus environment with classrooms, an auditorium, dormitories, and a playground.

The two facilities offer classroom training and a safe living environment for more than 2,300 of Lebanon’s most vulnerable population segment. The facilities provide compassionate care for many of Lebanon’s children and youth and give them a welcoming place to call home.

Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus - Hope for Lebanon’s Disadvantaged Youth

Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Rockville, Maryland. In addition, Fuad El-Hibri serves as chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, a civic organization dedicated to improving the lives of others through peace and social justice measures.

In 2012, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, in conjunction with the Social Welfare Institutions of Lebanon-Dar al Aytam, founded the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus. This orphanage and education center offers Lebanon’s orphans and at-risk youth a haven for shelter, food, health care, and education. The campus houses, feeds, and educates over 800 children and youth, providing them with a tangible message of hope that affirms their importance and worth as individuals.

Built with green energy technologies and comprised of several buildings and recreational areas, including classrooms, an auditorium, dormitories, and a playground, the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus offers its residents a holistic living environment.

More than 300 guests from both the public and private sectors attended the opening dedication ceremony of the Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus. Featured guests and speakers included Dr. Khaled Kabbani, president of the Lebanon’s civil service board, who represented Prime Minister Najib Mikaty; Wael Abou Faour, minister of social affairs; and Farouk Jabre, chair of Dar al Aytam Al Islamiyah’s board of trustees.

The Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus of Dar al Aytam in Lebanon

A respected business leader in Rockville, Maryland, Fuad El-Hibri sits on the board of the Yale Healthcare Conference and guides the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation. In the latter capacity, Fuad El-Hibri collaborated with the Dar al Aytam, or Social Welfare Institutions, in establishing a Lebanese education center and orphanage in 2012.

The Ibrahim El-Hibri Campus provides children and teens at risk with a full range of basic services, including health care, shelter, and food. The Campus is situated within the Al Islamiyah Complex for Care and Social Development and is named after Fuad El-Hibri’s father, who had strong beliefs in family and in helping those less fortunate. Befitting its progressive ideals, the Center has been constructed in an environmentally sustainable manner and includes residential dorms, an auditorium, and classrooms. In addition, a playground encourages disadvantaged youth to engage in community-building group activities. Dar al Aytam stands as one of Lebanon’s most distinguished charities for the poor and was founded nearly a century ago.

Yale Healthcare Conference Discusses Changes in the Healthcare System

Fuad El-Hibri serves as the executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions. He is a graduate of both Stanford and Yale universities. In addition, Fuad El-Hibri is one of the board members of the Yale Healthcare Conference.

The Yale Healthcare Conference is a combined effort between the Health Professional Schools at Yale University and the Yale School of Management. The conference, founded in 2004, attracts professionals, students, and academics to discuss important concerns in the healthcare industry. The 2016 conference had more than 450 participants.

The executive panel discussion was led by three noted healthcare entrepreneurs. Each discussion centered on flaws in the current US healthcare system. For example, some of the talks covered the costs of extraneous emergency room visits, the barriers for consumers to locate the least expensive and most effective prescription medications, and difficulties faced by those with mental health issues or behavioral health issues when searching for treatment.

3 Things to Know About the El Hibri Foundation’s Peace Awards Program

Fuad El-Hibri is the executive chairman of the board of directors for Emergent BioSolutions Inc., a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based firm that focuses on the development, production, and delivery of products that protect against chemical and biological threats. In addition to his work with Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Fuad El-HIbri is also a philanthropist who serves as the chairman of the board of trustees for the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation.

Every year, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation recognizes inclusive community leaders who work toward facilitating better cultural understanding and acceptance through its Peace Awards program. Listed below are three things to know about the Peace Awards.

1. Three distinct Peace Awards are given out each year, including the Young Leader Award, the Fearless Ally Award, and the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize. All winners are recognized for their efforts to advance the understanding and inclusion of different cultures, especially with regard to American Muslim communities.

2. Along with recognition for his or her work in community transformation at a special ceremony, an award recipient also receives a monetary prize. Winners of the Young Leader Award and the Fearless Ally Award each receive a prize of $5,000, while the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize winner is granted $30,000.

3. The 2016 Peace Awards marked the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation’s 10th year of awarding the Peace Education Prize, but its mission to advance diversity and understanding of the values of Islam do not stop there. The organization also annually awards three $5,000 scholarships to US students whose focus entails promoting inclusion among American Muslim communities.