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Parker stands on a tennis court on a sweltering hot day. He spins his racket in his hands. Although he is complaining, he is determined to improve and to try hard. He knows he has grown weak from last year and he has to recover his strength. "I must get better" he thinks

Parker is sitting in his room forgetting yet another assignment. It is nearing the end of the year and he is slacking off. Realizing this, he racks his brain trying to see if he forgot any assignments. Suddenly, he bolts from his room, and runs to the table to finish a worksheet that he only has limited time to do.

Parker is sitting in a desk at his school, staring down at the 100 question exam. He searches his brain for multiple Spanish nouns he does not know the translation to. Realizing that it is stupid, he looks at the other options, and finds out he can loom at the one he knows, and if it is not the answer, it means that it must be the others. He flies through the test with this strategy and finishes feeling that he did pretty well.     

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