Dominick Milano

Me with the baby bro

My name is dominick I have two brothers and a sister, their names are Carter , Quintin, and Ellie  . I love to be active be outside for most of the day. I play two sports which are basketball and baseball. I like to hunt and go fishing in my spare time. I work for my dad at father and son remodeling.

Three Interesting Things


My first interest is baseball I have played ever since I was about 4 years old. I love to play first base. The feeling you get when you have to reach far for the ball and you scoop it up and get the close out is unbelievable the is no way to explain it. and when you see your teammate get a great hit you can't help but cheer.


My second interest is Italy. Since I am Italian I have always loved Italy. I would love to visit there if I could to try some real Italian food.


My third and final interest is basketball. For as long as could remember I have loved to play basketball my favorite NBA team is the LA Clippers. I play basketball almost every day I like to challenge myself and play against the juniors and seniors at GHS.


My first goal is to get stronger for basketball season and I plan to accomplish this by going to the weight room every chance I get and doing a harder workout each time I go.

My second goal is to become a better hitter for baseball season so I can become more of an all around player. I will become a better hitter by having batting practice everyday that I can and acting like it was a game situation.

My third goal is to get faster for my sports so i can get down the court faster for easy fast break scores or to get to bases quicker when I steal a base. I will do this by running everyday and do agility workouts during sports season.

Place I would like to visit

I would like to visit Italy for many reasons but the main reasons are to see how beautiful it is. The second reason to have some food actually made in Italy and see if it tastes different than how it is made in the U.S. My final reason is because I've always wanted to see were my ancestors came from and how it has changed from when they lived there to how it is now.

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