Mackinac Island

By Dylan Sing

The sweet aroma of chocolate fudge brewing
Fudge so succulent it just melts in your mouth
Walking through the streets,bicycles pass
Exploring all the stunning buildings
Rides in the carriages as we stroll the island
Bumpy roads and hooves clacking

Friendly tours of Fort Mackinac
Amazing lake views from the bunker
A beautiful ceremony
Cannons so old they might crumble but
They burst open spitting smoke and fire
Cannon balls fly over the island
We watch in awe

The back of the island
Luscious forests with rich colors
Cameras pulled out like a western showdown
Wonderful rocks and caverns
No cars, just natural beauty everywhere

We cherish our time spent, for now we must go
A slow boat ride to mainland
An island in the distance now
As soothing waters rock you to and fro
Now we dock and say our goodbye's
To the perfect vacation

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2 years ago

good poem

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This was very good!

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Good Job

2 years ago

Good poem

2 years ago

Great Job!