Physical Therapist

Job Description

A physical Therapist is a person that help people who are injured to manage their pain and to help them get better. You usually work full time and you make about $36.69 an hour.

Job Purpose

The purpose of this job is to help people recover from their injuries.And to make sure that they recover fine from their injuries and to help them heal faster.

Job Skills and requirements

To be a Physical therapist you have to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.job skills-Compassion,Attention to detail,Dexterity.Interpersonal Skills.and Stamina.

tech.skills-The ability to collect and integrate data about patients to problem solve safely and effectively as a PTA student and put them into a computer.You  also need to know how to run machines and equipment and know how they work.To be a physical Therapist you also have to have a strong math and science background.


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