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About Fundable is an online platform for startup companies to crowdfund their businesess. Crowdfunding takes advantage of the new JOBS Act that allows startup companies to publicly raise money from individual investors like you and me.

Startups can list their idea on Fundable and use the platform to attract investors to back their companies. Until now, this was a long and painful process that kept millions of great founders and ideas from ever seeing the light of day.

Fundable takes the friction out of the process by connecting startups and backers online, saving significant amounts of time and frustration.

Job Overview

Every day our trained Senior Funding Consultants work with entrepreneurs who have joined to help them grow their business.

In the last 10 years over 500,000 startups have joined our family of companies looking for funding. Your job is to work with those companies to understand their fundraising needs and determine how Fundable may be able to help them.

Our Senior Funding Consultants are responsible for connecting directly with our clients through email, phone and video conference calls to help them. Clients may opt to use the Fundable platform on their own or elect to use our consulting team to help them with their business plan, pitch deck, financials or other aspects of their fundraising collateral.

The price points for using Fundable are very modest, ranging from $179 to $299 per month depending on what level of service the client needs. All of our services are geared toward what works well for startups.

Key Skills

A large part of this job involves being on the phone with entrepreneurs. While we obviously share a fair amount of email communication we pride ourselves on being personally accessible to our clients. Therefore time on the phone is important.

Outbound Calls. We are only calling on and consulting with clients who have joined our family of sites looking for funding. This entails following up with and consulting with clients who need our help.

Demonstrated Sales Ability. We love to consult and help our clients but we also need to charge a modest fee for our services. We need Analysts that have demonstrated their ability to walk clients through a sales process from prospecting to close.

Market Knowledge. While the world of funding is foreign to most people, you would at least have to have a working understanding of how startups get launched, what's involved in business planning, and a general idea of what debt, equity and crowdfunding solutions look like.

Passion for Startups. We live and breathe startup culture and adore entrepreneurship. You should love the startup world as much as we do. It's the most important part about our culture and who we are as a company.


Compensation includes base, commission, stock options and health benefits. The real compensation is the environment we all work in which what we are known for.

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