Fast Food

Brandon Hayashi

You are about to learn about fast food. Fast-food is something that most people eat quite a bit. However you should not eat it too much. In this article you will learn about why fast-food is bad for you and reasons not too eat it. In this article I will focus on McDonald's fast-food.

First let's cover the nutritional information, and explain why it is so unhealthy. The following are the recommended daily intake of nutrients. This comes from the FDA website. You can go to for more information.

Looking at this chat  on the provided link, you can tell that one should eat about 65 grams of fat a day. To show you how much fat is in fast-food I will give you a example of a fast food meal and add up the fat that is in it. According to a fast food nutrition website a Big Mac has 29 grams of fat, eating that with a small french fries adds another 11 grams of fat. This will total 40 grams of fat. That is almost half your daily fat allowance! That is only that fat in the food. If you go to you can add up all the nutrients that you are taking in and compare that to the above chart. You may be surprised too how much you go over the allowed intake.

The nutrition is a big part if the reason fast-food is unhealthy. There ate other reasons it is unhealthy as well. Next, lets focus on the food it self. One thing that not only makes it unhealthy is not the food itself, but the handling. If you go to you will get some interesting (but gross) facts that will show you how "dangerous" eating fast-food is. To give you an idea here are a few of the incidents:

1. At the beginning of June, an employee at a Taco Bell restaurant in Ridgecrest, Calif., was photographed licking a stack of taco shells.

2.Also in June, a Wendy's employee held his head under the ice cream nozzle in order to drink a Frosty straight from the machine

These are just two of the incidents. If you go to the above links you can read more.

All of this is what makes fast-food so unhealthy. Here are some reasons not to eat it.

If all this does not convince you not to eat food. You should know it is just plain gross. For example lots of you probably like to eat chicken nuggets. However look at it before it it cooked. This comes form You can go to the page for mote information.

Believe it or not this is your chicken nuggets before it is cooked.

Another reason not to eat the food. Almost none of the food is "real". The eggs come from powder.  Go to for more fun facts!

This concludes by article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you want to learn more you can refer to the provided links.

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