Funko Pops I Really Want to See

You can live on a remote island in a cave with two feet of space and still probably hear of Funko's vinyl sensation, Pops. Funko will vinylize anything from Nightmare on Elm St. to Frozen. I have recently started collecting pops, and my family altogether currently has 23 of them. But sometimes, Funko lets me down. And that's what I'm here to talk about today. Today I'm going to make a list of top 9 funko pops that haven't been made, but should be. So without further ado, here are the top 9 Funko Pops I want to see.

#9. Shonda Rhimes TV Shows

Kicking off my list, are the three shows EVERYONE'S talking about; Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. Along with the wide variety of people who watch these shows, there's a wide variety of characters to choose from. Make the three leading ladies, and even all of the supporting characters if you want, but I guarantee, a TON of people will buy these things.

#8. The Falcons

*sigh* Okay, Funko. I GET that you're only trying to make all-star teams. And I know that The Falcons haven't been having the best couple of seasons. But there's no reason NOT to include ALL the teams in the NFL. And my team is not the only one getting the bad rap. There's the Ravens, Bengals, and the Steelers just to name a few. Make Julio Jones! Make Roddy White! Make Matt Ryan! There's PLENTY of awesome players to choose from!

#7. YouTubers

I myself, along with many others, LOVE watching YouTube! And the majority of things I watch  on YouTube are PewDiePie, Smosh, Nigahiga, Tobuscus, and Jenna Marbles. And what better way to make money than making pops from what people like! Think about it. On your desk in your bedroom, you can have your VERY OWN PewDiePie and Nigahiga pops! Heck, you can even make alternate versions of them. Have Ian dressed up as Link! Have Anthony dressed up as Mario! But, my favorite would probably be Tobuscus. Have him wearing his own shirt, have him carrying his dog, have him in rage mode with headphones on! I DON'T CARE! Just make YouTubers!

#6. More Rappers!

The Pop! line currently has 6 rappers; The Notorious B. I. G., 2pac, Run, DMC, Chuck D, and Flavor Flav. There should be WAY more than that! I got 99 Problems with this! I need Jay-Z, I need Eminem, I need Lil Wayne, I need 50 Cent, I need Dr. Dre! Not even to MENTION rap groups like the Beastie Boys, the Wu-Tang Clan, N. W. A., and Cypress Hill. Heck, I would even buy a MACKLEMORE Pop! Come on people!

#5. More Jim Carrey!

Okay Funko, riddle me this! Who was the hottest comedian in the 90's? Jim Carrey of course! In 1994 alone, Jim Carrey made 3 Pop-worthy movies. You only made one of them into a pop. And to that, I say, WHAT THE F**K!? WHY!? That's a loss for YOU, the dealer, and that's a loss for ME, the consumer! It's a LOSE-LOSE situation! Where's The Mask? Where's Dumb and Dumb and Dumber? Where's IN LIVING COLOR? I need MORE, Funko! Please! I beg you, make MORE Jim Carrey!

#4. Gotham

Alright, alright, I know, I know, "Gotham's still in it's first, season, you can't make pops from it!" But hear me out. Salina Kyle? Yup. Harvey Bullock? Check!  Jim Gordon? Of Course! Fish Mooney? Definitely. Oswald Cobblepot? OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO MAKE HIM! Gotham is my absolute FAVORITE show, along with a LOT of other people. The Penguin's actor is PER-FECT. Get his hair, get his nose, get his TUX! Get every-thing and every-body.

#3. Mario

You have a games line, right? Why is there no Mario? There's a wide variety of games to choose from. Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Baby Mario, Doctor Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, Mario is Missing, and Super Mario 3D Land just to name a few. So, with all of these games to choose from, WHERE IS MARIO? MARIO IS MISSING! You have Sonic! The FANS have acted faster than you! The FANS have made Mario. But I want it from YOU. Yes YOU, Funko, I want Mario from YOU. And don't just stop at Mario, make Bowser. Make Donkey Kong. Make Luigi. Make Toad. Make Peach, Yoshi, Baby Bowser, Wario, Waluigi,  Goomba, Koopa Troopa. MAKE EVERY COLOR, KIND, SHAPE, SIZE, AND GENDER OF MARIO!

#2. Terminator

"I'll Be Back." said Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of my absolute favorite movies, THE TERMINATOR. I actually kind of expected that Funko already made this. They've made The Predator, Nightmare on Elm St., Robocop, Back to the Future, and E. T. And I mean, WHY shouldn't they make Terminator pops? Especially now, in 2015, where there's a new Terminator movie coming out, now's the time to jump on the Terminator train. you can make The original Terminator, The Endoskeleton Terminator, John Connor, Sarah Connor, The Liquid-Metal Terminator, and SO many others! This should have been made YEARS ago!

#1. The Shining

Where's Johnny? We're MISSING HIM! My runner-up, The Shining is yet ANOTHER classic 80's movie. And frankly, it's STUPID that these haven't been made yet. With SO many characters (Jack Torrance, Wendy Torrance, Danny Torrance, Lloyd the Bartender, Grady, The creepy lady in room 237, Dick Halloran, and The ghost girls) to choose from, I think this would be a VERY successful line. You could have Jack frozen, and even have Danny's bicycle as a pop ride.

Honorable Mentions



Enter the Dragon