Funky Leggzis offers forward edge youth fashion. Being heavily influenced by youth culture, streetwear and fashion trends based on creating unique digital prints.

Lets talk little bit about how I have started the Funky Leggzis label.

Funky Leggzis wasn’t found because I had a dream. It was found because I followed that dream. I was born no different than anybody else. As a child, I can remember always wanting to become a fashion designer, to start my own label and market a product that people can be proud to wear.

In 1999, i traveled to Australia to realize that dream. But plans rarely pan out the way we expect. Instead of launching my dream label, I ended up falling in love, marrying, and giving birth to my two beautiful children.

It was quite the opposite of what I expected. I became completely grounded. That’s not to say I don’t love my husband and children, though! They meant the world to me and were big motivators to drive me towards putting my fashion label back in the front seat. I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

Before all that ambition kicked back in, my husband and I brought a business, a local grocery store. We got by well enough running it, but management was a huge pain. I haven't done anything like it before, and it was quite a bit of effort to keep everything stable. And that was the problem. For four years, we woke up early and went to bed late, rarely had time to spend leisurely among ourselves or friends, and – most importantly – barely had time to spend raising our children.

We look back on those “hell years” primarily with fear, but I have to thank them for giving me the management experience I needed when I finally decided it was time to axe the business and start with my own. If I was going to be running a business, I deserved it to be one that I loved and one that my children would love me for starting.

The first step to our financial transformation was finding a new home. This would not only be where we lived but where we ran our business. It eliminated maintenance costs for a separate building and helped to centralize the whole prospect of self-employment in an environment that the whole family loved. That alone was almost a dream come true. I can’t emphasize enough how much extra time I had to spend around my family, which was really the biggest motivating factor during those initial months and years.

My story doesn’t end on such a happy note though. I struggled to decide exactly what style of clothing I wanted to create. It needed to be something that would not only reflect my personality, but something that I could relate to – and that meant it needed to be something that could appeal to my own children. I spent week after week brainstorming to no avail until one day my daughter, returned home with a pair of shiny leggings. I instantly fell in love. Needless to say, the garage studio started seeing a lot more of me.

Digital printed leggings became the calling of my fashion label. Since the day my daughter brought those leggings home, I have never looked back. Funky Leggzis hopes to relate the elated and lighthearted nature of our products to our relationship with customers. As far as I’m concerned, every customer is part of our family because every customer has helped me to realize what used to be nothing more than a dream. The best part of this experience will be moving forward to develop clothes that people can share a personal connection with.

“Love yourself, love your body. It doesn’t matter what shape you are, you are beautiful"

Angela P.

The Funky Leggzis Are Going To Be Available In Australia From Early November 2013

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