The Patriot Act



The Patriot act is a series of laws that are designed to enhance law enforcement's  ability to investigate and punish persons desiring to commit acts of terror. It was designed into law by President George Bush largely in response to 9/11 attacks. It gives the government expanded power to investigate and prevent possible acts of terrorism. The patriot act gave the government the tools to hunt down and kill Osoma Bin Laden by tracking money transfers and following them back to there source . The enhanced survilance ools provided by the Patriot act diectly lead to his capture


The Patriot Act allowed the U.S government to track Moner although he was on foreign soil.  The young american male named Moner Mohammad busalha that was born and raised from Florida launched a suicide bombing against Syrian government troops Sunday. U.S intelligent agencies where tracking this where about until he entered Syria. They knew when he entered Syria but once in they lost all leads and sources connected to him . As counter-terrorism officials says about Syria , "Its a bit of a black hole" .

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