Whitney Houston
By: Janaesha Moore

Whitney Houston is a lady that cares for her singing she plays in movies and makes really good songs and she died 2012 in a hotel room everybody think it's because a fan had just left her room and when somebody came up to get Whitney it was to late but what really happened is that she had a show that night and before her show she was doing drugs and she went to the after party and then she went to a hotel and she did more drugs and she was running the bath water and she fell on the floor but she got up and turned off the water and she got in the tub when she got in the tub she drowned in a lot of water due to all the drugs her brain couldn't realized she was drowning in the water and there was no blood at the crime scene so they couldn't say that the fan who left her room did it because they lady next door said she heard noises but no one screaming at all so she thinks it was the drugs. Here is the picture of the funeral and the drugs and her daughter doing drugs right after her mom's died and her mom before and after drugs.

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