Prime Minister

Just like the USA we have someone in charge of our country. That person is called the prime minister.  They are the head person that gets elected from the most popular party.


You might see a lot of US goods in Canada. Thats because most of the goods Canada imports is from the US.

Transportation Barriers

In Canada we have transportation barriers. These are natural or man made geographic features that help slow down or even prevent the transportation.

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There are some people in Canada that want to make Quebec an individual country. These people mainly speak french.

Constitutional monarchy

In canada we have a constitutional monarchy government. Just like USA we have a constitution. We also have a King and a queen. There are two branches of the government, judicial and legislative.


Canada is a multicultural country. We have many different cultures that live here.


Canada exports wood and paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, and wheat. These are the things that we send to other countries.


Canadas industry is important. The industry is the area of economic activity.

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