Future of Houses

The changes that are happening before our eyes.
By: Brenda Amador, Stephanie Grant, Amanda Moreira

History of Canadian Houses

With the many advances in technology we have had the amazing opportunity to see many changes in the way houses are built (British Council). These advances allow homemakers to adapt to consumers every need. These houses still have a lot of traditional features such as Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedrooms. What is different about these houses are the technology that is used to build them as well as the many different uses homeowners can get out of their house.

The following tables are just a few examples of the different house forms that existed among Canadian grounds.

More examples of Canadian houses would be:

  • 19th Century townhouses (Historic Canada)
  • 20th Century family houses (Historic Canada)
  • Bungalows (Historic Canada)

Houses Today

Technology today has changed many things. It has changed the way in which house are made. Before it took builders years to make houses, now houses are made in a few months. With these advances in technology we see a heavy upgrade in the safety of the houses. Now houses can withstand heavy winds and almost every weather condition.

We are use to seeing traditional houses like the house at the top of this infographic is what we call a “traditional house”. These are the types of houses that all of us most likely live in, or something similar to that. The house that we will start to see in the near future will have a completely different out look. The tables below are a few examples of how the exterior of houses will be changing.

What Are Houses Made Of?

We can pretty much make a house out of anything:

  • Wood
  • Bricks
  • Cement
  • Metal
  • Tires
  • Clay

Builders are now turning to materials that are more eco-friendly. Two materials that many builders are now turning to is:

  • - Translucent Concrete: this is a mix of concrete and glass fiber optical stands (Leontiou, page 2). This material is still very strong, and can hold up a lot of weight.
  • - Carbon Fiber: extremely strong material, that can be shaped into any shape that the client wants (Leontiou, page 5).

With materials like these it really allows builders to have a lot of creative freedom with the outcome of the clients home. Technology is the main factor for these new materials. The advances have allowed us to develop new materials, allowed us to develop new process of building house. Technology has also given clients a new out look on their life. These house that are now being built, are being made for a specific person, or family. It truly is customer made to the needs and wants and future wants and needs of the client.

Future Of Home Security

Future home security will be a key essential to the houses in the future. We have alarm systems, locked doors and panic buttons but what if we could have more. Technology is already being created that people have cameras outside their front door so that when a guest rings the doorbell, you are able to see who the person is on your tablet or television.

In the near future, homes will have facial recognition software at their front doors so it will be able to tell if it’s a guest or a foe. The system will be automated in case it is a foe at the door, it will notify police services and they will be dispatched. This would be a great feature, especially if the home owners are away at work or on vacation. (Future Technology 50

Seniors and the physically disabled will be able to function in future homes by being equipped with elevators and moving walkways. Future homes will be equipped with child proofing that is already in place and will be given different levels according to the child’s age.

Future Rooms of House

Look out, “Jetsons” here we finally come. The advancements in technology throughout the past years have influenced every aspect of our lives, and the “smart home” is the next big trend.

Read on to unveil home technologies that are either available now or may become available over the next 5-10 years


Hi-Can Bed-

Comes complete with blinds that drop on all sides, making it pitch black even in full daylight.

A built in PC

Multimedia system with connected speakers surrounding the bed and a large high-definition projector (hi-can,2014)

Connects via Wi-Fi making it easy to adjust the lights and sounds throughout you house—right from your bed!

Mini Washing Machine:

Though this is sill in a conceptual development phase, this washing machine may change the way we all do laundry.

Compact and portable, enabling you to wash pieces of laundry on the go.

Eco-friendly, instead of using water and soap, the machine cleans clothes via ultrasonic waves and can be charged with the sun via a built-in solar panel (Shizhong,2014)


Another product that is still in conceptual design phase is this digital cutting board.Designed to be touchscreen device, a food scale, and a cutting board all in one.Can display recipes along with step-by step instructionsAlso telling you if you’ve added too much of an ingredient based on the weight of your food (yankodesign, 2014)


Allows the user to experiment with and experience new flavours and sensations through the exciting world of molecular cooking, which up till now has been dominated by celebrity chefs and Five Star restaurants. This molecular cooking appliance makes use of physical and chemical reactions during cooking. The result? Flash freezing, foams, frosts, gelés and even cotton candy. (Electrolux, 2013).


Numi Toilet:

Complete with a touchscreen interface and built in speakers

The toilet can connect via Bluetooth to devices like your smartphone

Motion senser that raises the lid as you enter the bathroom, a heated seat and heat vents for your feet, ambient lighting (kohler, 2014)

Starting at $6,097.60

Magic Mirror:

Already sold in Asaia and Europe, fast making its way to America.

Built-in display connected to the internet so that you can browse the web, watch videos, check the weather and more.

It also comes with a sensor pad so that you can keep up with your weight (Lewis, 2012)

Priced at $3,000.00

Living Room

Wish you could not only turn your television off but also make it invisible?

The transparent TV makes your TV screen transparent so that when it’s turned off, you can see straight thorough it (doorknob, 2013)

Acoustable: a speaker and a table in one. It is Wi-Fi compatible and thus can connect to your computer, iPod, or phone to play music or videos (acoustable,2010).

What we think will happen to houses.


When we think of robots, we usually picture a metal moving piece with two legs and two arms. However, robots as we know it will change. It won’t even be called a robot. It will be a device that can be programmed for a specific action at a certain time. For example, home appliances can be set to vacuum on a schedule, find its way around furniture and even stay within a specific zone. No need for buying all these cleaning supplies, setting out time out of your day to clean the house instead you will have this robot that will be able to sweep the floor, clean the toilets and even make minor house repairs. What about going green ? What if their was a device that predicts what the temperature would be like for the following week, using less energy during one week in order to save more energy for the colder week ahead to use more heat.

Content Predictions

What if your home could predict what you want to do with your television or your phone? Is it possible? Dell spokesperson Chad Andrews told TechRadar about a concept where media knows more about the playback device that we can even conceive today: adaptive music, movies and photos that change shape and size based on whether you are viewing them in the living room or a tablet in your office. (TechRadar, 2012) Data will be able to be saved and therefore predict the media that you want to use and provide that media in different formats and sizes.


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