Principals of the declaration

BY: Grace Ericsson

1.) unalienable rights are things that can not be taken away from anybody. Our founders believe that our basic rights came from God, not from any social compact, king, emperor, or government authority. In another way, people believe that our rights should come from ourselves not anyone else higher than us but God.

2.) Consent of the governed is that people don't want to be ruled by one person, they want us to be able to rule ourselves and make decisions.

3.The people that should be protecting our rights are the government and us. We should be able to protect ourselves with a little bit of help.

4.) The principals of unalienable rights and government of consent are somewhat still here today. They are when it comes to the people being able to vote for our leaders and their decisions, but also not when it comes to making laws because they senate and the president get to make those and we don't have a say in them.

5.) Those matters don't exactly matter to me now but I think that when I get old enough to vote and I can make those type of decisions it will matter to me and I will want to be a part of it.