To whom it may concern, i am writing this letter to persuade you to take Mayra Ortiz as an employer. For the 3 years i have known her she is such an amazing harder working girl.Not only does she want to get things done on her own,but she likes to get them done the first time.Mayra has excellent grades in all her classes and turn in work on time. She is always present to all her classes and is rarley absent,so if she gets this job you can count on her to be to work on time and always there. She is a very responsible girl and enjoys everything she does in work. Not only is she friendly but she loves interacting with people and can handle them very well if needed.Mayra will make a great employee at your company Holister. She is a very special student she has passed all of her EOC (end of course exam) i Greatly thin think that your company should consider to take Mayra as a employee. If you need employees that listen and like to get things done the first time,Mayra is the girl for that she listens very well and doesn't like to do things more than once because she doesn't like to feel that she failed,so that is why she gets things done first time out. She enjoys helping people with problems so if they have any problems with the company they can go to her if any.

Sincerley, Jasmine Villanueva

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