My Inferences

Inference definition-the act or process of reaching a conclusion about something from known facts or evidence

Text one-Bullying has been an exceeding issue over the years… it is about time to make it stop! Bullying affects everyone not just the victims of bullying but, the bully and everyone surrounding them.

Based on the fact that this person is saying that bullying is an issue I can conclude that the person thinks bullying is a problem.

Text two-One thousand four hundred students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four die each year from alcohol related accidents. Five hundred thousand students are injured each year while driving under the influence of alcohol. I strongly believe the lives of many should not be risked for the sake of alcohol. Citizens in our society should not drive under the influence.

I think that the author is against driving under the influence because he/she says "I strongly believe the lives of many should not be risked for the sake of alcohol."

Text three-Is it guns that kill people, or people that kill people? A big argument can be brought up out of this question, but in my opinion, people kill people.

I think that the author thinks that guns aren't the problem when it comes to murder and that the people are to blame because they say "... in my opinion people kill people."

I think the duck is angry at the computer because he is about to smash it with a hammer. I think he's angry at the computer because its old.

I think that the kid doesn't want to eat the food because he looks bored and he is staring at the food instead of eating it. I think he doesn't want to eat it because he doesn't like the food.

I think the cat is grumpy because his eyes are squinted a little making him angry. I think hes angry because he got put in a spot that he doesn't like.