Plate Tectonics

In this Tackk, you will continue to build on your original #rockinreview Moon Phases/Eclipses Tackk.  This will be your third portion of that Tackk.  For this, we will be looking at plate tectonics and its role in the Pacific Northwest as well as the rest of the world.  

*Use the hashtag #platetectonics

*Who is Alfred Wegener?  Describe what he is known for and what it is.

*Define convergent, divergent and transform boundaries.

*Find a picture example that shows each boundary type.

*What tectonic plate is just off the coast of Washington?

*What role does that tectonic plate have on the formation of the Cascades? Be very specific how it affects the Cascades.  The more detail, the better.

*Describe convection currents and the role they play in plate tectonics.

*Define rift zone

*Define subduction zone

*Find out how the "Channeled Scablands" were formed.  Be very detailed in your answer!  You are living in them!