Life In the Castle

    Castles are where the great kings and queens live. So life inside the castle is different than life outside the castle. There are usually many people doing different jobs in the castle. Life of the kings and queens were very comfortable in the castles since they were the most powerful people in the whole kingdom. Most medieval castles were very busy and noisy because there may be hundreds of people in the castle. There were many jobs in the castle.

Daily Life

So the first thing that happens in a castle is a mass that happens in the chapel, and then they would have their breakfast in the hall. There were serfs who took care of many things like cooking and cleaning. The serfs had to care for the king and queen and make it as comfortable for them as possible. There was usually a blacksmith whose job was to keep supplies of arrowheads, the stable hands to help with the horses, kitchen staff, and stable hands. So the blacksmith took care of all the weapons and made them. The horses had to be taken care of well because they were important to the lord and knights.

The knights day had started early in the morning. they would go to the mass with everyone else first.Then they would usually eat breakfast at around 8 A.M. Then they would attend business matters. They would later eat at mid-morning. After that they would do things that knights usually do like training and hunting.Then they would usually eat at around evening time.

The king and queen would start off the day like everyone else. The king would deal with business matters after breakfast. The queen would usually deal with household duties during the day. Then like everyone else they would eat again at mid-morning. The king would usually do things like hunting, hawking, or inspect the estate after eating. The ladies would do things like embroidery and needlework. After that everyone would eat in the evening in the hall. Then there would sometime be some entertainment for everyone.  Everyone usually slept whenever the king would. That is usually the daily life in the castle.


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