Momentum? Momentum.

1. Momentum is the product of an objects mass and velocity. For example, a heavy truck going very fast would take quite some time to come to a stop. But if the truck were lighter or going slower it would stop faster and have less momentum.

2. Conservation of Momentum means that if two objects collide, the momentum of the two objects before the collision is the same after the collision. Therefore, the momentum lost by one object is equal to the amount gained by the other.

3. The formula for momentum is: P=mv

4. In the formula for momentum momentum is represented with a P because, impetus is the quality of an object in motion. Impetus came from the latin word petre.

5.  A large van can have equal momentum to a motorcycle if the van was going really slow and a motorcycle was going fast because momentum equals mass times acceleration.

6. A sticky collision is when two objects with equal mass collide and they get stuck, after they collide their masses become equal.

    A non-sticky collision is when two objects of equal mass collide but do not stick. And the objects' velocities swap.

7. elastic collision:

Before the ball hits the wall it's total momentum is equal to it's momentum after hitting the wall, it's just is the opposite direction.

8. inelastic collision:

Opposite to a elastic collision, a inelastic collision is when two objects hit but the momentum is not conserved. When the two blocks hit they became one and they now move with one total velocity.

9. If you threw a piece of clay at the ground it would be an inelastic collision because when they clay hits the ground it stops. So its energy was not lost, just formed into a different kind of energy.

10. Angular momentum or rotational momentum, is the measure of the amount of rotation an object has, in account of it's shape and speed. When the object spins like a top instead of traveling in a straight line.

  Angular momentum occurs in space when Earth or any other planet rotates on its axis, resulting in day and night as our planet orbits around the Sun.

by: Emma Brewer

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