The Health Risks of Cyberbullying in College.

Article was written by: Sandee LaMotte, Special to CNN

Has cyberbullying got way out of hand?

The quotes of messages to Amanda Todd and Megan Meier were from famous cases of cyberbullying. When most people are on the internet and they are making fun of someone, do not realize they are cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can increase a risk of depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, hostility, and delinquency. Cyberbullying occurs when digital messages are used to threaten, torment, or embarrass someone. Most people on the internet think their "cool" or "funny", but in reality they look not so smart. In my opinion and over half the nation's, cyberbullying has gotten way out of hand.

Can anyone be bullied?

Anyone can be bullied. People think that middle and high school students are the ones mainly being cyberbullied. No, middle and high school students are not the only ones being bullied. College students are also victims of cyberbullying. The study found college girls who reported being cyberbullied were three times more likely to meet clinical criteria for depression. And if the cyberbullying was connected to unwanted sexual advances, the odds of depression doubled. College students are the most frequent users of social media and are more likely to be cyberbullied for the past or what they are frequently doing with their lives.

What do I think?

I think that cyberbullying has gotten way out of hand and something should be done before it's to late.

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