Admission Essay Writing

One of the most difficult part of an application for admission to a college is writing an essay. We would like to help you to start this uneasy task and present you some tips and hints. They are collected from admissions staff. These people really read and evaluate thousands of essays. The result, of course, depends on you, but we can help you at the beginning.

  • 1. View it as an opportunity. There are not many things that you can control during the application process. The essay is one of them. You have a complete control over it. The essay is one of them. You have a complete control over it. Do not think that your essay is just a page you should fill in with writing. You are a person who has already made some impression on teachers. You probably has some particular interests and hobbies you like and are fond of for some period. So, look at your essay as a chance, because you have an opportunity to tell the admissions committee about yourself and describe your personality.
  • 2. Be yourself. Let your essay mirror your personality. If you are serious or funny, compose your essay in an appropriate manner. Do not try to seem someone else in your essay.
  • 3. Tell us something different. Your list of extracurricular activities or transcript contains some information about you. Your task is to describe some new fact about you in your essay.
  • 4. Take the time to go beyond the obvious. You can definitely imagine the answers of the students concerning particular questions. After that you can make your own responses original and unique.
  • 5. Do not try to take on too much. Make your essay look like an organized unity. Do not focus on different persons, events or activities. You can choose one particular story to describe in your essay. Concentrate on significant topics. Do not think your thoughts can be banal, obsolete or uninteresting. Try to reveal yourself in your essay. The admissions committee is really interested in your own opinions and way of thinking.
  • 6. Write thoughtfully and from your heart. It is obvious when person writes about things which s/he really likes and believes in. Do not think that you know what the admissions committee wants to hear and write it. Express your thoughts.
  • 7. Essays should have a thesis. This thesis should be clear and understandable to you and your readers. It should demonstrate your intensions and things you try to tell your readers.
  • 8. Do not write a history report. You can use ideas and words of other people, to show your background knowledge and make your work more convincing. However, be careful with it.
  • 9. Proofread. Look carefully for large and minor mistakes, because they can really spoil the impression from your essay and even a content will work be able to save you.
  • 10. Keep it short. Do not write too long essay. Our advice is to make it better short, but well organized and concentrated on the topic.
  • 11. Limit the number of people who will check your essay. The great number of remarks and corrections can make your essay seem like written by a group of people or remove your own style and voice from your work.
  • 12. The academic writers from find it necessary to pay attention to format and presentation of your essay. Of course, the content has the primary importance, but they can really be a bonus in an evaluation of an essay.  

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