Jakob Wassong

Hi! My name is Jakob I love being outside and playing sports.  I play baseball and football.  I go to Girard High School.  

Three Things About ME!!

First, I love sports

My dream job.

I love baseball and football.  My favorite teams are the Red Sox for baseball and the Eagles for football.  I play both of those sports too.  They take a lot of time and hard work but it's all worth it in the end.  

Second, I am from many different cultures.

My family comes from many different countries.  I am German, French, and Italian.  My last name is French.  

Last,  I had really bad anxiety.

When I was little my parents thought I had an irregular heart beat.  So I got a heart monitor and when ever my heart will beat irregular we would have to go to the doctor.  Then when i was a little older I would get really bad migraines and go to the doctor for that too.  Then it just got worse and I would get really sick and almost throw up sometimes.  Then I got help and I am way better now!  

My three goals!

I always wanted to be a pro athlete when I grew up.  Another goal I have is to so the best in school i can and get into college and I will just do my best.  My third goal is to be an athletic trainer or a doctor and I am going to accomplish that goal by going to a lot of school.

Where I want to visit

I always wanted to go to the  Bahamas because I always saw pictures of how nice it looked.  I also like beaches a lot.  The thing is that it must cost a lot to go here, but i have been wanting to do that for a long time.  

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