Thunder Bay Multicultural Association

Thunder Bay Multicultural Association The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association was formed in 1972 by a number of various community ethnocultural groups whose objective was to establish a body which would encourage and facilitate co-operation among ethnic organizations in promoting the concept of multiculturalism. The organization is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). By the name it is clear that this organization has been trying to support the central government’s goal to make the Canadian society multicultural through support to the new comers landing in Thunder Bay from around the globe. The members of this organization are so professional and supportive that they know exactly what they have to offer to the new residents of Thunder Bay with the feeling of being alienated. The new ones instantly forget that they are new to the place and the people around them once they enter Multicultural Association and start having precious support provided by the staffs and feel that they are home.

The organization offers varieties of services free of charge. Some of them are as follows.

1. Needs assessment by the professionals at the organization.

2. Filling the forms for Child Tax Benefits.

3. Referral for various programs such as Language Training, Social or Private housing, Children’s Schooling, Churches and houses of worship and many more.

4. Connecting to different people, institutions and offices offering different supports to the new comers.

5. Running free tax clinics for low income families.

6. Giving information about applying for SIN Number and Health Card.

7. Giving information about filling all the forms for GST/HST and Trillium Benefits.

8. Connecting new comers to NEW Employment service for job search.

9. Connecting children of low income families to the recreational and sports programs available to them.

10. Conducting Canadian Bench Mark Tests.

11. Running language classes.

12.  Practical help with the challenges of everyday life in a new country, society and culture.

These are some of the services they offer among many. I feel that the organization is the place for any new comer or even other ones to knock at the door if they need any support regarding any issues.