Math Check

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Let’s do some math. Say you were to look at what you have done for the last week. Say you were to add up the impact of all of your activities on your goals. How much of the staircase to your dreams did these activities build? When you look up that stairway today, is the angle sufficient to carry you to your dreams in the timeframe you want? Are you satisfied? If you are like most people, you will see that the angle of that stairway you built last week isn’t what you wanted. There will always be next week….right? Day one is tomorrow…right? When things get easier…when the kids are out of school…when I get caught up on my bills…when _ _ _ _ _ _ stops getting on my case I will get going….

What if you took last week and multiplied it by 52. Then multiplied it by 20, 30, 50, 60. Then say you are on your death bed and reviewing the accounting of those activities. How do you feel about them now? The reality is, that is what will happen. Next week will have challenges just like last week. Next week will not be easier. Next week will not offer some breakthrough that straightens your path. If you are depending on next week to fix the apathy and mediocrity of last week, you are in for an unwelcome surprise. Next week can never fix last week.

Say you decided to focus on the week that matters…this week. Say last week was the last time you were regretful of the addition of your activities. Say last week was the last week you were ashamed of the math. Say you started making this week the one that you pushed yourself. Say this week became the week things started moving at the speed of the life you want. Decide that your activities for this week will build that staircase the way you want. It can be constructed at a frightening and dizzying angle. You can achieve things that you can’t even see now, from the bottom. Don’t let your mind wander for too long worrying about the top of the staircase. Look down, take a deep breath and focus on building that next step, just a little higher and narrower than the last. If you put your all into building these steps now, your addition for next week will get a little more enjoyable. Never again will the accounting of last week be a painful experience. Never again will you look at last week with regret or shame. The math from last week will be a glorious accounting of your drive and commitment to your life.

How will you feel at the end of next week when the math starts again?

Image from Cameron Spencer via Getty Images