By: Emily Walker, Ashlyn McGhee and Carlie Migdall

The First Image (above) of Italy is a image of a tourist map!
The Second Image (below) is the image of where Italy is found!

Italy Video

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Italy Information

The first image is of Italy and its cities- Rome being the capital of Italy.
The second image is of a building called the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.


Italy's government is a Republic government; their constitution was adopted by the kingdom of Italy in 1861. Their legal system/ laws is a civil law system similar to the U.S's way of its law system.


The country's economy is a diverse industrial economy with a developed industry in the North and a less developed, highly subsidized, agriculture in the South, where unemployment is higher. Their Gross National Savings is 17.4%. Also their population is below the poverty line being 29.9%. Finally their public debt is 133% of their GDP.

Partners for trade:

Germany: 12.63%
France: 11.11%
U.S: 6.84%
Switzerland: 5.72%
United Kingdom: 4.72%
Spain: 4.48%



Italian, German, Slovene, and French


Christians, Agonist, Muslims, Roman Catholic, and Atheist.

Ethnic Groups:

Italian includes a little bit of German, French, and Slovene-Italian those are in the North and Albanian-Italian, and Greek-Italian in the South.


Italy's location (coordinates): 41.900 degrees North and 12.4833 degrees East.
Italy's relative size is: a little larger than Georgia
Italy's borders: Italy borders France, Austria,Vatican City, Slovenia, Switzerland, and San Marino.
Italy's climate: Hot and Dry in the South, Alpine in the North, but mostly Mediterranean.


Archaeological evidence leads us to believe anatomically modern humans existed in the Italian peninsula 43,000 years ago.
In 800-600 B.C.E Greeks, Etruscans, and others settled in Italy.
In the 1000s-1400s  independent city-states were established.
In 1494-1559 there were many wars known as the Great Italian Wars that spread across most city-states of Italy and most major states in Western Europe. After the wars rapidly started picking up pace, everyone started fighting for the power and the territory.

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