The OK Aquarium

Created by: Olivia Sims & Karsyn Burdette

The fish in our Aquarium

Our first fish that will be in our aquarium is the Mickey Mouse Platy, which costs $1.00 per fish, and we bought 16 fish. This fish needs water to be 72 degrees to 82 degrees. Also, their tank has to include more than 10 gallons of water. The Mickey Mouse Platy eat flaky, frozen, or freeze-dried food only. This fish also needs plants, but not too many. Lastly, this brightly colored fish lives with other fish that swim in communities.

The second fish we will have in our aquarium is the Fantail Goldfish. This fish was $3.39 per fish, and we bought 10 fish. This fish needed a water temperature of 64 degrees to 76 degrees. This fish also has to have 20+ gallons inside the aquarium. This goldfish eats flaky foods. This aquarium needs to be lightly planted for the fish to live. Lastly, this fish needs to live with other fish that swim in communities.

Tank   Size for our. Fish

We chose the medium sized tank for our fish to live in. We chose this tank because it met the gallons held requirement for both of our fish. This tank costed $225.

Gravel needed for our tank

The gravel our aquarium will need will be 70 pounds worth. This 70 pounds is equal to 14 bags. We decided to buy 5 blue bags, 5 white bags, and 4 brown bags. The inches thick of gravel we will need is 2 inches. The volume of the tank altogether will be 1,080 inches cube. Our bags of gravel will altogether cost $76.50.

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