The Life Of An Arabic  

By Mr.Katz

The Oases: These are not very common for the Arabian Peninsula. They are basically springs that come up from the ground. They provide water for people on caravans. And animals that people have. It would be smart to bring a water purifier or canteen for the water.

The Desert: The desert is like a giant sandbox. The desert stretches for miles on miles on miles. In a few spots you will see an oasis. They can be very flat or very hilly, and in some places there are robbers. You may want to bring a gun or weapon for defense against robbers, also alot of water and short sleeved shirts and short pants.

Coastal Plains: These are the miles of sand and beach that are right by the ocean. They go on for miles of wet and damp sand. These are good for farming and have a couple a civilizations along them. The land is very fertile but can be dangerous because of rocks the tides. Here you will want to have maybe a coat because it can get cold.

Mountains: These are the mountains that stretch almost all the way across the peninsula.  The mountains are snow capped and wet. On one side you have the wet coastal plains, and on the other side is the dry hot desert. The mountains provide like a barrier in between the two.   You will most likely need a coat because at the top of the mountains it gets very cold especially at night.

Facts: The arabian peninsula is not very advanced. Many people do not have cars and have to travel by camel or caravan. They very few to no electronics. And most people live in mud bricks huts. They have to hunt for their food and make clothes from the hide of the animal they kill.

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