Muslim Empire

Muslim Empire was spread by origins which was out of Mecca, East of India, West across North Africa and into Spain. They wanted to spread Muslim to other people around the world. They had a Military conquest. It took about 100 years to expand most of their empire. they were really great fighters, if they died in battle, they believed they would go directly to heaven. They had a battle of tours. This was in the South. The French Christians, under Charles Martel, Defeated the Muslims and stopped their advance into the empire. Their golden age was 700-900 A.D. it was a time of great learning and cultural diffusion. There were very many contributions to our society like math. they spread Gupta math ideas and created algebra and Trigonometry. they also created hospitals, they wrote medical textbooks, and they made doctors pass and exam before they could practice medicine. Also they also gave us architecture, this was influenced by Byzantine and Indian styles. They also gave us astronomy. They learned this from the Greeks and took their ideas. They would study the stars; created by the astronomical tables. They also gave us banking. they taught us how to use money and also letting people be able to get credit.

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