Developing a Design Plan

Steps of the Design Process

Need a little help seeing where your design project will be going? Then take a few minutes and check out the video below.  It is an excellent example of seeing a space transformed.  It may even spark some ideas for your design project.  Then follow the steps listed below to help you create and plan your design project.

Step1: Identify the design goal

Step 2: Assess client characteristics

  • Lifestyle
  • Preferred Atmosphere
  • Future Considerations

Step 3: Analyze the Environment

  • number and placement of rooms
  • activity zones
  • storage areas
  • furniture and accessories
  • condition of backgrounds
  • energy considerations
  • electrical and lighting
  • safety and traffic flow
  • furniture needs
  • establish priorities
  • measure space and furniture

Step 4: Develop a preliminary budget

  • contingency fee
  • calculate materials

Step 5: Compile a design resource

  • Decorating magazines show photos of well designed rooms
  • furniture and accessory catalogs are an excellent source of ideas
  • a growing number of informative websites are devoted to interior design
  • Sunday newspapers frequently run features on home design
  • How-to books and interior design reference books are available at bookstores and the library.

Step 6: Plan use of space

Step 7: Choose a style and color scheme

Step 8: Select backgrounds, furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Step 9: Present the design

Step 10: Implement the design