The Iliad


Summary: The Iliad is a story set three million years ago, during the final year of the Trojan War, a conflict in which Greek warriors sailed the Aegean.


In this story Ilus’ son, King Laomedon, decided to build a wall for protection in the early days as the city was prospering. Poseidon agreed to offer divine aid, but after the impenetrable city wall was built, the Trojans refused to pay compensation for Poseidon’s efforts. Without divine protection, the city would be vulnerable to attack.

Background Information

Three thousand years after The Iliad was put out, it was one of the two books that was most celebrated and read.Homer was a accomplished Greek bard who was known as a blind poet. Greeks always question whether Homer existed and whether the two epics were even written by a single individual.


Achilles - preeminent Greek warrior

Agamemnon - Atreus' son; Greek high king; commander in chief

Menelaus - Agamemnon's brother; husband of Helen

Nestor - senior, wisest Greek

Ajax, son of Telamon - second only to Achilles

Diomedes - youngest Greek king; bold warrior; Tydeus' son

Odysseus - protagonist of Homer's second epic, the Odyssey

Patroclus - Achilles' closest friend

Hector - preeminent Trojan warrior

Paris - Hector's brother; abductor of Helen

Priam - king of Troy; father of Hector and Paris


Apollo (Phoebus Apollo) - a son of Zeus; ally of Troy

Ares - god of war; war personified

Athena (Pallas Athena) - a daughter of Zeus; protector of Greece

Hades - Lord of the underworld; brother of Zeus

Hera - Zeus's wife

Poseidon - god of earthquake and sea

Zeus - lord of all immortal gods

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