A.D. 200-A.D. 1300

BY: Mayson Snavely

Anasazi town


Anasazi civilization

The Anasazi are a very created community they used canals and earthen dams to turn part of the desert into fertile gardens.They where also were referred to by their descendants as "the ancient ones" and were seen as the keepers and cultivators of knowledge. They where skillful in basket making and pottery making.They would built house by cliff out of sandstone and adobe. Even though they died off many of there skills and technics can be seen in latter on Indians civilization. They would dig deep pits called kivas witch would serve a religion temples for the Anasazi. People today are still trying to find how the Anasazi declined so fast. Most researches think they declined so fast because they where attack by out side tribes.

Anasazi Ke


Anasazi people where located in the southwest in states know today as New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.Even though they where located in a dry desert climate they where able farm, and hunt. Also they where able to build house close to cliff to block off the sun heat.

Anasazi location map


The Anasazi grew corn, bean, chili. They used the beans and corn to make bean soup witch was the most popular food to Anasazi. They also hunted buffalo and eat the meat while using the fear of the buffalo for clothing.

Anasazi beans
Anasazi hunting buffalo


The Anasazi used spear and bows to hunt buffalo and other animals. They made tools with wood and sinew. The made arrowhead out of stones for the type of the spear, and the arrow. They also used snares and nets. To make there famous basket they used weaving and sowing tools. They made the sowing needles out of animal bones. Also they used batten to seperat the yarn. They would use stones to grind up corn, and they would use scraper, brushes, and wooden bull to make pottery

What the Anasazi spear would look like
The tools they would carry while hunting


The Anasazi lived in house called pueblos. They would build them close to cliff, and also they would build them out of cliff rocks. They would build on cliffs for that rain, snow, bad weather, and dangerous animals could not harm them.

Anasazi Homes

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