•Never speak badly about the person with whom you felt happy

•Everything you give to the world, comes back to you.


° Looks are not important

I think it is important, what you look like because people first evaluate appearance.

° No one can exist without religion

I think it's nonsense, because everyone chooses his own life. With or without religion. Millions of people live happily without religion.

I would like to have dinner with...

- First Person. Sergey Dovlatov. He is a Russian and American writer. I think he is fantastic, wise and interesting person.

- Second Person: Ivan Urgant. He is a Russian showman, actor and singer. He has his own show on the First Channel, called "Evening Urgant". Ivan is a talented, polite and clever man with a great sense of humor

- Third Person: Frank Sinatra. He is a very famous American singer, actor and showman. I would like to have dinner with him, because he is the man who really went down in history. When Frank died, journalists wrote "To hell the calendar. The day of death of Frank Sinatra - the end of XX century"

- Fourth Person: Alexandr Vasilyev. He is a Russian musician, leader of the rock-grop "Splean". I like his songs very much, I think he is a wise and interesting man.

- Fifth Person: Christiane F. She is a German actress and musician who is best known for her contribution to the 1979 autobiographical book Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo [We Children of Bahnhof Zoo], and the film based on the book, in which her teenage drug use is documented. I think she is a really strong woman, because she was able to overcome her addiction.

3 - My favorite 5 places around the world are...

1) Times Square, New York

2) Coney Iseland

3) Jungle

4) Champs Elysees

5) Reichstag, Berlin

4. My favorite books are

-First Book. The Martian Chronicles. It is a 1950 science fiction short story collection by Ray Bradbury that chronicle the colonization of Mars by humans .

- Second Book. Nochevala Tuchka Zolotaya [ Golden Could was sleeping ] The book of the famous soviet writer Anatoliy Pristavkin.

The work is dedicated to military themes of childhood, homeless, deportation of peoples under Stalin.

The name of the story - the first line of the famous poem by Mikhail Lermontov.

- Third Book. We Children of Bahnhof Zoo. Christiane F. This is a story about a teenage girl, who tries to be more fashionable and modern, like her older friends. At the age of 12 she first tries drugs in a modern disco club.

- Fourth Book. The Suitcase. Sergey Dovlatov.

- Fifth Book. Nursery. Polina Dashkova.

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