Civil war

The south'a economy was based in agriculture (farming/livestock which they had to have slaves for free labor. The north's economy was based on manufacturing (factories) they did not need slaves, so they thought that slavery was wrong. The north wanted slavery banned in the south but the south economy would crumble without slaves.

Abraham lincon

He was president for the untied states through the entire civil war. Abraham Lincoln was against expansion of slavery in 1860.

            Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis was the president of the confederate states during the civil war.

             Ulysses .s grant

He was for abolishing slavery during the civil war he was for the north

Robert E. Lee

Robert E.lee was the general of the confederate states during the civil war

             William  carney

First African American in the army. He was a sergeant.

Philip bazaar

He was a general during the civil war

               Julia ward howe

She was a American Abolitionist and she wrote the book The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

John wikes booth

He was a stage actor who assanaited Abraham li

William T. Sherman

He was the leader of March to the Sea. This is where he and 60,000 veteran soldiers went on a destruction path down to the ocean.