What About Me

Casey C.

My Family during our trip to the Oregon Coast

    My Hobbies

      I have many hobbies, but one of my favorites is lacrosse. I play for #syllacrosse with many of my friends and next spring will be my third year. I have played all positions in the game except goalie, but I enjoy mid-fielder best. Middies are the jack-of-all trades for lacrosse. They get to play offense and defense and are essential to a lacrosse team. By playing lacrosse, I have gained a sense of teamwork and friendship among my teammates and this sport has kept me physically fit all spring and summer. Another one of my hobbies is cars. Oil runs in my veins and I enjoy all kinds of cars, but mostly American cars from the fifties. I got the car guy gene from my Grandpa and I have enjoyed learning about the history and the experience of the automobile. The LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma is one of the best places to learn about cars from around the world. Every time I go to the LeMay museum, I learn or see something new about the automobile. Some of my personal favorites are the #FordModelT, the #DuesenburgModelJ, the #CadillacCoupeDeVille, and the #FordMustang.

     Major Events

    One of the most important events in my life is the #LibertyLakegaragesale. My family has done this sale for many years and I have enjoyed helping them out. The garage sale is a chance to start over every year and make more room for new items. In the past couple of years, I have sold lots of model cars and other oddities. Last year, I had over 12 boxes of random stuff that I sold for $1 for 2 items. My family thought it wasn't going to work to well, but thankfully people bought a lot of that stuff and I laughed all the way to the bank on that deal. This sale has taught me sales and people skills that I can use in the future to help me reach my goals. The money I earn from this sale will hopefully pay some for the many necessities in life.

One of my dream cars; a Ferrari
A piece of Detroit Iron, the 1958 Ford Skyliner

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