20% Project

                                                               Madeleine Galloway

Day 1

What did I choose?

            I chose the coding, 'Make a App!'.

Why did I choose?

           I chose this because I love to code things, study them.

What do I want to learn/investigate?

           I would like to investigate the way of coding, how to make an app.

Would I like to do this for a career?

           It depends on what kind of coding.

Day 2

What did I do to plan/learn about my project?

           The coding of the API for YouTube.

Day 3

What research, videos, information did you look at to learn about your project?


Day 4

What did you do (Specifically)?

Upload a photo/video.

What questions did you answer about how to complete your project?

Day 5

What did you do?

        I coded things, for example, 'console.log("Hello there");' is a code I used.

Day 6

Explain your project.

         My project is very complicated. I choose to do " How to use the API for YouTube'. It is very confusing. I only understand a bit of it. I did accomplish the first lesson. I did learn many things about it though. I learn about the ' console.log ' and more.

Day 7

You need to make sure you explain any specialized terms that are used in your project.

           I have coded things like 'console.log("Hello there")' for the program to say it.

Day 8 & 9

Now that you've been investigating your project for a while now, what new information and questions do you need to research and answer.

            Maybe what some of the code I'm typing mean.

Day 10 & 11

What did you accomplish?

             I accomplished coding the rest of the YouTube API. I followed the directions to create and understand the ways of the API's.

Day 12 & 13

What information on your project have you learned?

             I have learned how to understand the way of coding in different ways.

Day 14


Day 17

Did you get your project to work or not?

              Yes, I think I did get it to work because I finished coding YouTube's API along with JavaScript's too  also made a start of an app for an Android.

Did it work like you may of thought? Why or why not?

              Not entirely. This reason is because I expected to have to figure out the coding, for example, the website would give me examples and I would have to figure out the rest, sort of as if its a small quiz/test.

Day 18

How did your project turn out?

               My project turned out to be ok. All I really did was code some things to make it turn into something else.

What did you learn? Be specific.

                 I learned many things. Different codes, how to set them up, and how to expand some too.

Did your project make you want to purse this project more? Why or why not?

                  No it did not because now that I have coded many things, for example, a picture of a animal I created just by using code yet the tutorial was confusing. I understood a small portion of it yet it was boring and a bit frustrating not entirely understanding it.

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2 years ago

I think your tack is done very well just answer some of the questions you missed and add more pictures and details.