Let them have their Journey


Oh yes, they're all around.

Everything is counted. Every little thing is an issue. But why? Why do we omit from people their options and choose for them?

Time passes. Time flies. It does really, really fast. Time will come when we choose to let our loved ones soar but their bodies will no longer be able to do so. That the people they could have been closed to had been somebody else's best buddies. That the situations they could have been best handled just slip out of their hands. So what else remains?

Understand the fact that each person has their own way of enjoying and living their lives to the fullest. Yours could be different. Mine could be different. Set them free. Let them soar, let them fall. Everything on their own. Just like you, you have learnings and experiences that you might had missed if someone had intervened.

Do not be a BARRIER but a CHANNEL of growth instead. Release and let them go. Give them their journey. It's theirs anyway. :D

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