What forces motivate the characters?

By: Taylor Upp- Mod 2

Oedipus The King

* Oedipus was motivated from the secrets that were hidden from him, killing his father and also marrying his mother, even though he didn't know he was the one to do those awful things.

* Jocasta was motivated from knowing that she was married to her own son and her husband was dead. These things are what caused her to kill herself.


The little boy in the poem was motivated from his fathers scars and what had happened to his father. Also, time motivated him to change how he felt about his father.

The Notebook

In the movie The Notebook, Noah is motivated by Ally, the love of his life, to paint the big house white with blue shutters because that is what Ally wants.

Sleeping Beauty

In the movie Sleeping Beauty, the stepmother is motivated by the power that princess Aurora has and she is determined to kill her in order to get the power that Aurora has.

Mean Girls

In the movie Mean Girls, Katie is motivated by her friends to get information about the plastics so they can ruin them and take them down. But Katie is then motivated by herself to be popular and beautiful like the plastics.

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