Letter of recommendation

Serena Munoz

I meet this girl in high school she has a amazing personality and is very creative. She get along with everyone so well, she a girl you would love to have in your life.

She has some amazing skills and very good in art. When ever we have to do something creative she blows everyone off the chart. She's number one in her art class.

She has a amazing personality and easy to get along with. This girl is the kinda of person that doesn't have difficulties making friends. She is a very good girl in class does as she's told, and follows the rules. This young lady is no trouble at all; she full with good

Cover letter/letter of intent


                            18032 ST.Even

                          El Paso, TX, 79938

May 18,2015

12327 Juan street

El Paso, TX, 79938

Dear Mr.Trevizo

I'm here to tell you that I'm the kind of girl that will do anything to have a good future. I'm the person that will do their work, try her hardest to pass her classes and become someone in life.

I'm a hard worker and study hard to pass. I focus in class and help others if needed. I'm the person that if misses a day can catch up and will still be with the other.

I'm the person that helps others with their work. A person that gets along with everyone in the class room the one that will not get in fights. People usually come to me for help and come for advice. That's the people you will be seeing out of me.


Sobeida Torres

(915) 300-7869

Www. Wind heart. Com


Objective: my goal as a professional is to get a good paying job and be the best on the job I love.

Education:East Point Elementary, Chester E. Jordan Elementary, Hernando Middle, Puentes Middle, El Dorado 9th grade

Skills: I'm very experience in drawing and pretty good on fixing, figuring things out.

Experience: I am good with kids, good at taking charge of stuff

Presuasive essay

Everyone needs good in their life. Someone that is showing them the good of life. Less evil, better people getting along, less judging.

We need better people in the world so we can all get along, so their can be less people locked up because they  hurt people just cause they hate them. We need good So the won't be judged cause of their skin color, or the way they talk. So their can be less bullying in the world.

By getting along their will be a better life style, walking down the side walk with people you never planed walking with. Less fighting and less leaving people out, making them feel bad for something they have no blame.

Some people say we don't need good people, why just to show that evil can be overcome by good. Is this true maybe but world should be full with good people no matter what.

Their should be good be a we need to be joined as one, happy, and getting along.