The Moon's Importance

Noel Davison

4th hour

                               The moon's role

The Earth and the planets are not the only on rotating and revolving around the sun. The moons are also rotating and revolving along with the planet they orbit. These moons include the many wonderous things they can show. These include phases eclipses, an tides. In this Tackk, I will show you these things.

                                          moon  phases

The moon, like the Earth, rotates so it doesn't always look the same. The different looking images of the moon is called phases. There are 8 different phases of the moon: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, 1st Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, 3rd Quarter, and Waning Crescent. They all are just shadows of the moon, the darkness is when the moon's pointed away from us. They affect us by giving us light at night, and it gives us the tides.

                                        MOON  TIDES

The tides are the waves on the sea caused by the moon. There are 2 types of tides: a Spring tides and Neap tides. The spring tides occur when the moon is at new moon, full moon, 1st quarter, and 3rd quarter. The neap occurs when the moon is at a gibbous or a crescent. These tides occur because of the gravitational pull the Earth has on the Moon.


There is times where the moon or the earth can block out the sun, and we call that an eclipse. When the moon blocks out the Earth's light from the sun, we have a solar eclipse (see picture 2). When the Earth blocks out the moon from any light from the sun, we see a lunar eclipse (see picture 1). These don't happen often, they only happen once or twice every 3 years.Which makes them really special and amazing to look at.

Life without the moon

If we didn't have a moon, then every night would be completely dark except for car lights and buildings. But we would have to pay extra for electricity. The tides would not exist, so the seas would just be still, and no waves. So we should be grateful for the moon that we have. That is what life would be like without the moon.

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