You & Me & Music

The sound of your heartbeat against my cheek as I press it to your chest and you tangle your fingers between mine has become my favorite sound

Or maybe it's your careless laugh when a nervous joke slips through my guarded lips and how looking at you laughing sets my soul on fire and extinguishes the fire of my insecurities at the same time

But then there's your voice when your heart comes up your throat and out of your mouth finding solace in my trembling ears when you say three words to me that hold so much adoration where there was once fear and I am not afraid to love you anymore 

And maybe it's the silence as you drive and I steal glances at your focused face and how I swoon when I watch your hand migrate from the wheel to my open hand as if to calm my ever active thoughts from destroying me

No, it's the sound of our kisses as we pull away and how the space between our faces has become yards long now and it's my giggle when you leave kisses all over my face like a treasure map only I'm staring into the eyes of my prize.

I don't think I can pick a favorite sound anymore, but I know that we perform my favorite song whenever we laugh and it's different everytime and we sometimes stumble across the notes but the clumsy love song my aching soul has been singing is no longer a solo gig and it sounds so good with your instrumental heart and I keep it on repeat.