The Evolution of Communist Theory and Practice

Communism v.s Socialism Comparison Chart

Part One: Marx

- The lower class population throughout Europe was growing larger and was being undermined by the middle and upper class/ Capitalism vs Proletariats

-Marx's ideas of Communism was based on which the lower class must revolt against its government and form a govenment in which there is no class.

Part 2: Lenin

-World War I was occuring and Russia was losing and the people were angered by the Tsar and his family

-Capitalism vs Peasents, Peasents revolt in order to make a new gov in which there are no social stausis, similar to Marx's ideas.

As a result of Lenin

Part 3:Mao Zedong

-The historical events that occurred that led to communism were the boxer rebellion and the the last emperor who wanted to industrialize the army.

-In which all people are equal, government controlled industries and to rid of all old ways in means of destruction of ancient relics not similar of Marx's ideals but instead Joseph Stalin's ideas.

Part 4: Backlash against Communism




Reaction Agaimst
Communist Theory

-Capitalism in Russia was kicked out of the country as a result the hoped for Hitler to conqueror Russia so the Capitalists can put there industries back in Russia.

Part 5: communist Cuba

-Cuba is a Communist country because of everyone works for the state, the state owns all industries and the idea of everyone having the same thing.

-It is differnent to Lenin's ideals of which the government controls all industries.

Part 6: Personal Opinon

-I think that communism is a good idea but must be used by the right people in order to make it work

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