Social Media and Marketing for IHHC Students and Alum!

Misty Skeen is offering assistance in social media and marketing your holistic health business. Learn how to set up a social media campaign using facebook, linkedin, twitter, and youtube, create a simple website. Learn how to blog, how to build email lists, and send out newsletter to your clients. I will also guide you in creating business cards and materials via vista print.

I can teach you or do the work for you!!

Rates: $25 an hour for consulting and teaching. This will enable you to create your marketing campaign on your own. I will give you a guideline of online marketing tools to help you to create a campaign that works best for you. Teach you how to use email marketing and how to create your own simple website and blog.

If you just simply do not have the time or need to learn how to do your own then I can do it for you!

Simple website set up 1 time fee: $100

Using the website you can create a free account or buy a website domain for your business. After you send me everything you would like on your website I will then set it up for you! Having a website is a must for any business.

Monthly fee for daily social media posts, weekly blog posting, and 1 Newsletter: IHHC special! $40 a month!

(all blog, social media, and newsletter info will come from you!, I will then make it viral! )

Special Package Deal!!! Website set-up,1 month of social media posting, and 1 newsletter for $125!! Save 10% Reg. $140

For more information please contact Misty Skeen @ 614-657-0316 email of Facebook