The Yearbook Staff Life

By: Tamara Sorg

Being a yearbook staffer can be very crazy. There are dead lines, many minds, and many attitudes. People can get very frustrated and annoyed with others. In the end of the day we are a big family not always getting alone but still a family.



Throughout the whole year there were lots of problems. During the year there was many miscommunication with many members of the staff. There was lots of drama and trying to fix it made it a lot worse than it was. Throughout the year Jay and I were okay and then through out the year it got  worse and we ended up exploding. Also the captions and titles became problems because people no longer knew what to put or nobody could agree on one title or if the caption sounded good. Having Anna not being able to be trusted became such a problem when everyone had to take turns baby sitting her. These were all the major problems.


The yearbook was completed and looks amazing and that is a huge success. The drama and all the problems were in the end completely solved and worked out. The supplement was completed looking amazing too. Kay king and I are now friends and Jay and I are civil.


Relationships all over struggled and were very hard for everyone. Kay and I hated each other for a while but finally we worked everything out and she became like my big sister. Kaylynn and I always worked together and helped each other the whole yearbook. Jay and I became friends after hating each other. Lilo and I became best friends. Andi became my big sister.

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